Wednesday, February 3, 2010


2 days to the next paper.. Well, if i can still count in today.. Its still early in the morning lg kn kat egypt..

I'm down with a nasty common cold..huhu..

Aaa--choo! ,,,aim,,,throw.. "ups,,missed"..

It is annoying,, i keeps on sneezing, at irregular intervals,,huhu.. i hope i'll never be out off tissue..huhu..

That will keep me home, can't go to the library and annoys the public with my sneezing sounds.. I think its because i went out yesterday that end me up in this common cold..It was so cold yesterday.. Not a very suitable time to go out and around with you new cardigan, which is thin.. Should put on something heavier, or else u'll end up just like me..

My adik just joined facebook, even uncles and aunts are socializing on facebook, needless to say cousins.. I typically will have to tapis everything i wrote.. Just to be safe, families,, i mean mine, are more likely to take everything seriously.. Yeah,, i think i should start doing that..

Athough i wasn't very active on facebook.. Mmm, not so into it,, well, maybe just not yet.. I'm more into blogging..

So that it, gonna wish you readers praying for my good health..hehe.. After all, its the most important time of the year..