Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Awww, he is soo cute

Hello people,

Hee, today i'm going to share about the many faces of waafiq that i had came to learn during the 2 months of weekends of babysitting him, which i am missing now. He is my first nephew, and he totally brings out the good "mak cik" in me. With him around, sulking, bad mood or anger is totally out of the picture. Now i know how a baby completes a marriage.

He is very active, you couldn't take your eyes off him for a second, or else he might somewhere, grabbing things to chew on.

This is when he is chewing on the teether, which would take his mind off other things for awhile, till he gets bored and starts playing fetch with the teether.

Now, this is when he is up to grabbing things

This on the other hand, is the "i'm all so tired, if MUM and DAD pats me and sing a bedtime song, i'll totally sleep and be good" look. Cause its quite impossible for someone else to be able to pat him sleep.

See, he has a pair of those watery eyes. *immediately melts*

This is, "i'm so happy i'm with my mum" looks

And of course, this is, "let me go, i'm with the boring aunty" look. *failed, totally*

I saved the best for last, hee.. This, is on my last day at home before flying egypt, just after he fell asleep on my arms effortlessly. Didn't even sang him to sleep, you hate my voice eh waafiq? Selalu siap tepuk-tepuk and sing pon die tak kan tido.

Awww, ain't that just sweet, i'm totally looking fowards to meet him next year

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Kuih raya is awesome!

Do you know,

The best way to enjoy kuih raya?
It is one of my many interests to bring out the best in my kuih raya, and now, i'm sharing them with you, one of my very few readers.

First, choose your favourite kuih raya. Buy a plane ticket to egypt, and board the plane together with a tupperware of mentioned kuih raya. Stay for a week, then stay another week, and another, and another.
Just when u think you can't take it anymore, stay for another week. When you are desperate enough for even a smell of Malaysia, then u are ready. Open the tupperware and take a sniff. Take out a piece and adore the texture for about 3 minutes. Open wide, and munch oon.

There you go. The best kuih raya ever.

Sure does taste better here.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Hello people,

Dah lama tak update kan? Hari ni cuti, sekarang kami 4th year baru start klinikal year. Clinical year adalah tahun untuk masuk hospital dan jumpa patient dan belajar secara practical, dan juga tahun untuk beli buku international yang berat dan tebal tak tahu bile nak habes bace.

Tahu tak klinikal year sangat susah? Hari-hari kelas sampai pukul 4, bayangkan 8 sampai 4. By the time we got home sume bulu mata plastic da tanggal da, no, saya tak pakai fake eye lashes nor eyebrows. Cuba kira berapa kali kena reapply sunblock, since sekarang tengah summer so cuaca sangat panas dekat luar rumah, and again no, saya tak pakai sunblock. The point is, bukan nak cakap saya tak pakai fake lashes or sunblock, the point is, the learning period is TOO long. Must be hard on those yang tak boleh focus for more than 20minutes pastu kena main game or tengok cite baru bole sambung.

Now i understand, kenapa orang suka cakap medical student tak de life. They are taking our youth, and i'm not even a teenage anymore. Sedih la macam ni, nak pegi my happy place pun macam tak de masa, lebih rela balik rumah untuk tido or worse basuh baju. hoh! lupa sidai baju tadi.
Tengok, sampai nak sidai baju pon tak de masa. m, ok, tipu. Sidai baju 1 minit je pun.

Sekarang baru 3 hari kelas, motivation da tinggal 10% je. Macam mana nak last a year, or better 3 years of medical school lagi. I hope things will get better, and i'll fit in this new hectic life. From the bright side, sekarang dah tak payah ingat all the details of biochemistry and there's no more stinking anatomy practicals. Tapi ada patient yang,,,urgh...tak baek cakap. If they would at least let me use a glove, i would be a happy student waktu clinical rounds. But, at least i ada stetoscope yang cantik, all thanks to syamim and my mum of course.

Sigh, macam ni, rate of aging kami memang akan speed up. So hari cuti macam hari ni elok la pegi beli vitamin C dan makan banyak-banyak untuk kulit yang cantik dan awet muda. Ok la, nak pegi makan pastu pegi beli vitamin.

Till the next cuti umum, salam.