Saturday, October 24, 2009

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Back into books

Its a new semester, of a new year.

Egypt is as cold as always, but no, i don't mean the weather. Cause its hot, and dusty. Looks like a yellow jerebu.

I'm back to classroom days. Its a bit crowded. They always are.
Subjects are ok, but i missed few classes, got a lot to catch up.

I got dental date tonight, will cost me hours to fix my detached brackets.
Who would have guessed how could i pull them off, 3 brackets in three months!
Now that i counted them, its actually 4.

My bad, i love chewing ice. The word chewing, makes it sound chewy. Not the word i should be using, i know, but that's how it looks like. Don't try, its highly addictive.


I'm kinda happy, these few days.
It was great,
I hope she likes me, blessings is good for us..

Friday, October 9, 2009

Mine, i can pilih jgk if u can..

I got what i want, thanx to adik for that most desireable birthday gift at the moment.. I don't care how late. I guess same time next year?

But the joy doesn't last very long, i got down by words again. I know i wasn't supposed to, but still i can't pretend that i doesn't bleed. It'll hurt more if i do. Besides, i'm not a very good actress.

I can't sleep yet, but i can't stop wishing the day will go off faster.

K la, i'm done whining. Going to answer few buzzes, then i'll be off to sleep. Please no more nightmares tonight. Nite buddy..

The pinkish beauty


nk mrjuk bole x?





Jom shut down...

Tata<----this annoys me..i hate this word..will u stop using them?

p/s : have to pujuk mom to pay. I want them so badly..