Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Final week

Its my last few days here in egypt. I'm trying hard to get things done, before going back for good, but the list just keeps on growing. sigh, i'm such a last minute person. 


I still haven't done packing, which i should have, like daaayyys ago!
I'm having a hard time trying to pack everything. 
How do you pack 6 years of your life?? It is such a headache, since i'm a hoarder. I keep everything! 

almost everything. 
Its amazing, the things i discover while packing. Such a heartache to throw away stuffs, and some stuffs are just too heavy or stashed very high up somewhere *can't figure how it ended up there in the first place* or very fragile it wont stay in one piece in the cargo box. 

I keep on wanting to pack everything, to bring home with me. Soo harrdd.

But its okay, its going to be fine, i'll finalize my boxes soon, verry sooon, 
 and insyaAllah, i won't miss a thing *repeats to self

I also have to spend my time with, the food that i love, 

 the places that i'm gonna miss


and the people i'm sooo gonna miss.

It had been 6 years, as much as i hate the crowded trams, smelly people on summer, dusty air, flying rubbish, annoying racist people on the streets, i'm still going to miss it here. After all i did spent 6 awesome years of medical school here. So far, i haven't done a quarter of my list.

So we're going to photoshoots after another, i don't think other people took as much pictures with their mortar board as much as we do. Since there's a chance we won't have a ceremony, i guess we'll just capture our moment here. So bear with me, i might bore u with tonnes of picture, soon.

Its gonna be hard saying good bye, 

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

One very weird day. I fought for whats mine, and alhamdulillah its still mine. People can be mean. I'm just sad, that some people have the heart to do such a thing. I pray they'll turn over a new leaf, someday. And i'm thankful for everything i have today. I'll take it as a reminder, to never takes things for granted. May Allah ease everything. InsyaAllah.