Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The sky were really pretty yesterday, did u look it up?

ps :: i really didn't know anyone in the pictures

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

But everything is gonna be fine

Hi peeps!

How was your day? Mine was ok, got class and stuffs. It feels good to be back on the net again. My broadband is giving me a hard time these few days, as if punching a big hole on my wallet monthly as it is wasn't enough. He had to double that this time, when i'm really trying to save up. Yes, i'm naming him Bad, cause he is such a bad ass. And mobinil has a very,,very,,very, bad customer service. If it happens again, i'm never gonna feed u any topup again, and yes, i'm looking at u Bad.

On top of that, I wasn't feeling very well these days. Sore throat, runny nose and stuffs. It kinda sucks, plus the lack of internet, but after today's tazkirah, it felt bearable. Wish to get better soon. Paediatrics is almost over, and i haven't really gotten the hang of it. I haven't even give out any of the sweets that i got for the kids. Cause most of our cases were babies, they don't even have enough teeth yet. Plus, i don't think the mother would be happy if we gave their kids sweets, i know i wouldn't.

In short, i'm not happy :( but everything should get better soon right? Rightt?

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Here, everything is possible

Yesterday, on our way home from carrefour, we tumble upon this

except, it was moving, and, it wasn't this car, and it has people it in.

Yup, u heard right.

I don't know if u can imagine, but this 2 guys are hanging their legs down from the trunk of a moving car. I think they must've a very good reason to do that, i mean a VERY good one, a life or death kinda reason. Cause it looks dangerously crazy.

but, anything is possible here, so, no surprise there.

anyway, i'm hungry :( and i think i smell donuts -_-'

i'm being delusional, but a sugar glazed donuts would be perfect for now

Thursday, June 16, 2011

This summer

Hi people!

Summer in here,

Its getting hot, and sweaty. In paediatrics round, we have our clinical rounds in the morning at syatby hospital, which is about 2 kilometres away from my house, i really don't know how many is actually 2 km, but it looks that far for me. Sometimes i walk myself home, but most of the time i took a cab. Either way, it is still hot and sweaty.

With a lot of sun, comes the tan and wrinkles. I tried to get away from that, by walking home wearing a cap, u know, my germany world cup cap, but it was white. I don't wanna stain it. I love that cap! it holds memory of our crazy football days ;) plus people are giving weird looks, u know, tudungs doesn't get along really well with caps. So i got myself an umbrella instead, but it still doesn't work out, cause you see, my house is near the beach, so the wind is giving my umbrella a lot of resistance, so i can't use it either.

There's no way u can survive summer without at least deodorant, i mean, if u planned to survive while smelling pleasant. I really wish that there is actually a rule to take an effective shower before going to see your doctor, i mean, we have rules to brush our teeth before going to a dentist right? so we should have one for going to hospitals too. Kesian la at the doctors and students and interns.

Today is soo hot, i caught myself giving murderous look at my hair. Talking about hair, i bought myself a new shampoo, i think this one is gooood, and cheap as well. Costs 3 times less than my old one. I guess "New, is aaalways better" :)

and Yesterday, i went to orchid, but they were closed :( so i had lunch at coffee bean instead. I hope they're not closed forever, that's like my favourite ever restaurant, here. Orchid is super sedap, well, not everything, but if you order the right thing, it is! I already hafal their names, sedih la if closed :(

This summer is making me fat, i think i'm gaining fats on my cheeks, but my weight doesn't change. I think its the muscle weight more that fat thingy. Think i'm losing muscle and gaining fat. Is there even such a thing? Cause lately, i'm always hungry and feeding myself.

Hmm, its been quite sometime, my hardees should be here, later peeps :)

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Paediatrics babies

Hi peeps!

So, i'm already 2 days into paediatrics rotation now. It was ok, i kinda like the paediatrics ward. They seems personalize it to fit with the patients. There were mickey mouse, donald duck, tweety, and many other cartoon characters on the walls, some drawings are educating the children to brush their teeth, to wash their hands and stuff, i think they're cute, and the tweety even helped me find my way to the ward this morning.

I couldn't recall, which floor was my class, but luckily enough, i remembered how tweety was on the wall of a floor below my class's floor. So i didn't get lost today. I had always been directionally challenged, even in my 2nd year, i still find myself a little lost on my way to the morgue, which i regularly went to, for 2 years already at the time. I'm clumsy like that.

In paediatrics, our patients are kids, and being kids, they cries a lot, sometimes they got cranky, which makes examinations and inspection a lot harder than they already are, but i think sweets will win them. Even the professors seems a lot nicer here. Dealing with kids does makes u a better person, or is it the other way around? It is sad though to see the kids, down with diseases, when they should be out playing and giving their mommies a hard time cleaning up the mess. Lets wish them well, shall we?

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Post-exam wishlist *kinda

Hello people!

I was just done with Ortopeadic OSCE exam this morning. Yesterday it was an MCQs and presentations, and in 2 days, i'll be having Obstetrics and gynecology OSCE's exam. Pray for me yah?

I really can't wait to get back to my lazy-no-exam-self. A lot of stuffs are building in my after-exam-to-do list. I've got movies to catch, grocery shopping to do, great foods that i miss, and i even had a dream of buying a cake this evening, why didn't i eat it in my dream when i got the chance? Why did i even buy it if i wasn't gonna eat it? I really don't understand myself. Sometimes, i wanted something so bad, i'd go all out to get it, but when i have it. It didn't look as tempting anymore. I think its all about the chase, i love the challenge of getting stuff, not actually the stuff itsef. Its really tiring and pointless even, so I have to tell myself at all times to behave. All this cravings should stop,but they never really did stop. I just can't listen to myself.

So, I've been reserving all these movies for after the exam, ok, i wasn't really reserving, i got people to download it for me, but they won't pass it over yet, at least not untill the exam is over. See, i got people watching over for me, or else, i'll just watch it regardless of the exam.

rodrick is too handsome, i really don't mind him wearing eyeliner

i wanna watch insidous too, but i don't wanna post a scary poster on my blogpost. Have u watched them? I hope they are worth dowloading,hee, u should go watch them too.

Ok, back to books! :P