Sunday, July 22, 2012

Comfort food

Don't worry, i'm not gonna torture you with pictures of good food. This isn't one of those.

The buka puasa instagram pictures is driving me crazy. I just wanna pack my bags and go home! to the glorious mom-made foods. This is depressing, Larynx is soo hard, i've been at it for agesss, but i can't whine, cause people are gonna judge. I wish i can still go on about my day and bore you with the details and exaggeration, but comfort, is rare.

 I guess it goes with you.


i need to calm down, ice-cream will do. for breakfast.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Clinique turnaround overnight radiance moisturizer (review)

Hi girls!

I'm finally doing this review,

Disclaimer: This is an honest review of Clinique turnaround overnight radiance moisturizer
. I am not paid nor sponsored to do this review.

I think it had been almost 2 months or so, of using this, and i'm totally in love. So much that i thought i'd share the news with you girls, hee. It doesn't clog my pores, which is rare, since, even toothpastes breaks me out.

This product moisturizes, and exfoliates at the same time. Which is brilliant, cause i've tried a lot, and i figured, your skin needs to be well moisturized to shed off.

All the scrubs, peels, and scar remover wont do you any good without a good moisturizer. The dead skin cell is just gonna sit there and pile up, giving you dull and lusterless skin.

It is also gentle enough for daily use, i use it morning and night for radiance and glow, that i don't even bother to use a scrub anymore. I used to scrub everyday, but, not anymore :) I'm glad i'm over those days. Scrubing can go wrong sometimes.

Plus exfoliation really helps with my post-acne scarring and refines my skin textures. But you might wanna go slow initially, so that your skin can adjust to the exfoliation first. My skin exfoliates big time when i first use it, but it only sheds off during cleansing. So, don't have to worry about flaky skin.

I love this thing :)

Its just a moisturizer, not even a serum so i wasn't really expecting much when i got this. It was an impulse buy, since they have this on sale. I got this at almost half the price, plus lots of freebies, and i'm glad i did.

Definitely a keeper. I've tried a sample of Clinique even better moisturizer which i got for free, it was good, as a simple moisturizer, but nowhere near as good as this one.

The downside, is that its pricey, and smells a little weird, but it will go away eventually, i don't smell it anymore, doesn't really bothers me. I don't think its available here in egypt too :(

You can check out the ingredients at their official website, i threw the boxes off already.

This is how it looks like, gel-cream consistency, i think its oil free.

It gives a dewy finish that i love.

These are the freebies, we bought it from a very generous SA.
So generous, you feel less guilty about your impulse buy

might do a different review about them later, if, i have the time

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Stop, missing me!

my eyelashes are falling out :(

U're making them go bald!

Thursday, April 5, 2012



*dreamy eyes*
Sounds promising,

i've tried the turnaround overnight, and i loveee it

*sigh*, i should stop experimenting on myself

Okay, you're a girl, we got it, moving on,,

I'm hungry, my sweet tooth demands deserts, but she's not getting any. I've been wandering all day, from stalking facebook profiles, window shopping on sephora online, sorting my emails, looking into the mirror, doing laundry, brushing my hair, refreshing twitter, frying burgers, picking carrots off my nasi goreng, updating blogpost, to staring blankly at my downloads, just anything,

instead of studying.

I should go now,

I still have carrots to pick

Friday, February 3, 2012

Travel essentials

Hi there!

Today, we(me and ella) were thinking which shoes would take us to great places this semester break, but we end up "spring cleaning" our mini-shoe-closet. I figured, i have lots of heels, which i don't wear at all nowadays, sigh.

I keep wearing the same old shoe, sigh, i'm boring.

Still, a girl can never have too many shoes. I still can't resist the temptations of a pretty pair when shopping.

They are not at all comfy, my feet would hurt after few hours, but we still need them to look pretty, to boost confidence, to drool on, to glide on, and of course, to sleep better at night.

I'm hoping winter would pass quickly to start rotating them again, so they won't bug me during afterlife. I would totally wear them tomorrow if my elective class wasn't on the tenth floor(i'm assuming, since it takes forever to climb) with no lift(another assumption, since i always take the stairs). Bottom line, i still haven't figured which shoe to bring along.

But, i'm totally bringing this..

I think it would be great for travelling since, it is sooo cute and all. I got this on sale too!

Cheap, i know.

Jaja would love this too, since she's the one who suggested travel pillow.

Did u see how i can just put it around the luggage handle? That, is so convenient. I can't stop talking about how great this would be, but still can't make ella buy one. She is soo gonna regret it.

The only downside, is that it allows spot cleaning only.

I really can't wait :)

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Of winter cravings :(

Today is just too cold. Shouldn't it be snowing by now? and i want donuts! Soft, sweet, creamy, bouncy donuts.

but we're out of vegetable oils, bummer.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Bioderma White Objective SERUM ECLAIRCISSANT Lightening Serum (review)

Hi guys,

I wrote this months ago, to publish in a review site, but it didn't make it, so i'm sharing this here. but, this is my first time writing reviews, so please don't judge k?

So here it goes, enjoy :)

Disclaimer: This is an honest review of Bioderma White Objective SERUM ECLAIRCISSANT Lightening Serum based on my regular usage of this product for almost 3 month .I am not paid nor sponsored to do this review

This serum has a transparent gel like consistency. I use it AM and PM daily, i know it is supposed to be a night serum, but i use it anyway. My first experience wasn’t very pleasant, it does sting a bit when i first use it, but after 2 days, the stinging disappears.

After my first night of using this serum, i noticed complete disappearance of visible, dehydration lines or premature fine wrinkles on my forehead and corners of my eyes. I know it wasn’t supposed to do that, but it was a drastic change, my skin appears plumped, and healthier. Maybe it was because of the vitamin C content of the serum.

After what seems like 2 week, my whole face did seems a bit lightened and radiant. My post-acne pigmentation does fade a little, not very much, but it does speeds up the fading of my scars.

After 3 weeks, i was convinced that it didn’t clog my pores, the ingredients were free too, but i’m only convinced after 3 weeks of using this product. The following are the copied from their official site.


It is a fragrance-free formula, as it is formulated for sensitive skin, but the tingling sensation may be worse for sensitive people, and after scrubbing your face. Its nothing major, just a mild tingling sensation for me that last for about 7 minutes.

Method of action *copied from their website

White Objective Serum, night care with the patented W.O.® complex, lightens, evens and illuminates the complexion. It helps to eliminate brown spots and prevents their reappearance.

Vitamin C, released gradually for long-term effectiveness, decreases the number of melanin pigments contained in the epidermis. Thus it reduces existing hyperpigmentation and prevents future pigmentation.

BIODERMA innovation, the patented W.O.® works on the main mechanisms that cause skin pigmentation. The original nature of this multi-target attack ensures optimum lightening and preventive performance.

The intensive “peeling” action of glycolic acid triggers the elimination of heavily pigmented cells, reduces the intensity of the brown spots and reveals a radiant face.

The White Objective Serum “gel” texture is particularly pleasant and refreshing.
The skin is lighter, even and luminous.

I personally like this serum because it has vitamin C in it, vitamin C, besides for lightening purposes, also works as an antioxidant that can fight aging, since applied topically directly to the face, it is more effective. The vitamin C is preserved in a vial in powder form, which is the best way to keep it active and unaltered because vitamins are easily spoilt, first usage will need u to break the vial and pour it inside the tube containing the rest of the serum, and mix it well, and voila, your serum is fresh as it could ever be, but the thing is with vitamin C, it oxidizes in time. So after a lot of months the effect weren’t as good as it was at the first usage.