Monday, December 20, 2010

Can i ask u something?

I was wondering,

you know,


during the days, that your hormones just don't agree with each other,

you get cranky, very irritable, so you made bad calls.Very, verry,, bad ones

Is it your doing or it was the hormones all along?


If it was the hormones, i would totally regret them, and if it was me, i would most definitely hate myself. Either way, i lose.

Friday, December 10, 2010

I've been wanting to blog about last Monday since like forever! but then i got internet deprived. Patot la these last few days, tenet slow gle macam turtle, tapi turtle lambat-lambat pon sampai gak, ni tunggu pon tak abes loading gak. Rupanya tenet nak expired. Saba je la.

This is what i noticed la, kalau guna Etisalat unlimited yang 10G tu, 2 days before expired tenet da stat lambat da. So, to make most of your broadband, or what they call it here "USB"? gunalah 10G tu sampai abes sebelum 2-3 days dia expire.

Enough about that, So, last Monday was our OSCE, i did,,,m..badly?

OSCE exam, they made me wait 4 hours kot, :(

So, as usual whenever an exam lets me down, or i, let myself down, by doing my exams badly, i always try to turn my mood around by punishing meself by doing things i hate most, which is spending my own money. For every exams that i came home mumbling in regrets, i always end up poorer.

Baaaadddd girl! i know :P

but the funny thing is, it actually makes me feel better, like killing two birds with one stone.

Thank god i have the best for friends, they'll always walk me through the hard day.

Thanks, it was fun!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Coffee break!

Think Coffee!

At a time like this, that, could be great, anyway, i don't think i deserve any sleeps tonight.

but this,,,,,,,,,, is not a coffee, this is a brownie, must have got them mixed up while uploading. Anyway, just assume that's a coffee, i'm too lazy to swap them up. sorry peeps.


I go hahahaha, everytime i saw this . :)))