Saturday, February 6, 2010

Adik is comforting, kinda funny when its usually my role, to comfort her..

Sedih kan bile kite belajar far away, from our parent.

Sedih kan bile kite tak bole jawab exam.

Sedih kan bile kite dapat phone calls from parent occasionally, asking pasal exam, kite just bole cakap kite tak dapat jawab exam.

I wish i did better, or maybe best.. That way i won't feel so bad..

I misses home.. I'm sure all of us did..

I talked to my dad, I said i did badly in the exam, and he was like, "its ok,,do better next time and do push yourself too hard, get a good night sleep, take care of your health".. 10 years ago, i'd probably get scolded for bad marks.. I remember getting no 3 in class, and i was even called to sit and talk by my parent.. No, he doesn't use rotan, he talks, nasihat and everything.. It does work on us..

But i guess now, i'm on my own, i'm a grown up. No one is going to tell me to study when i should, i'll just have to do what i have to do,, for my life...

So now i should go, buka buku and study patho..

Yes hidayah, you should!

Mm,, on second thought, maybe i'll take a little nap first.. I'm still kinda dizzy from the anatomy..

So, this is where i stop.. Anat sangat susah sebab saya malas.. Lupe kan anat untuk patho,(for now) sebab patho lagi hensem.. Ok Gud nite..

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nhanunmr said...

go dayah!