Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Sigh, i did my presentation badly today. Sorry guys. I was too nervous, the podium was very tall, i don't think people can see me. Gosh! why did i get so nervous about.

but i got costa today, thanx Ella n Jaja, u guys are awesome.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Hello There beauty-junkies

Hi there!

Its a saturday, unfortunately satuday is not a holiday for us medical students of Alexandria University, we only have one day off of school weekly, year round, a friday. Now, u get why people goes around telling medical students "tak de life". No biggie its been 4 years now, and still, nobody went crazy yet.

By the way, apparently The body shop is having sale, last time i checked it was, and i think it still is. The usual buy 2 get one free, but this time its their vitamin A, E, and C range, not the usual body skincare, so u beauty junkies should go check it out. It was very tempting, but my skin just wouldn't agree with them, so i didn't get any.

Actually i was writing this post to share this website that i usually refer to before buying any skin related stuff. Cause, i've been such a reckless shopper before, in my desperation to get good skin, i just go on buying stuffs that sounds like it would work, when actually they didn't. Which leaves you penniless, with jars and tubes of crap.

So, to avoid all these complications, i would go online researching for reviews of products before buying them. It is a review site, where u can read many user's experience with the product, but still everyone have different reactions to different products, but to have a picture, i suggest u go on browsing for reviews first.

So this is it, Makeupalley u can just type in the product, and u'll probably find tons of reviews, cause there are so many people using the site, u even might have used it already, and if u know a better place, do tell me. Its a lot of work, but it really is educating, i'm an addict myself, i enjoy reading reviews. I know, its hard being a girl.

So that's it, thank you for reading :)

Thursday, May 26, 2011

of 21st May 2011

Last friday was beautiful, as early as 12 a.m. i've been getting calls, comments, messages, wishing me the best for my 21st anniversary. My lovely aunt and cousins even wished me 2 days earlier, i bet they're more anxious than i am.

I'm crazy about birthdays, even crazier when its mine. sigh, i'll never be one of the people, who naturally forgots their own birthday. I can't imagine how did they do that, but that must've been fun, having someone else reminding u of your birthday.

So, I was really looking forward to THE day, even since the first of May, i know, really can't wait to get old la this girl.

Then, finally friday came, but on the contrary it actually felt a little sad, cause u know, its days like this that u would like to spend with ur most important person in the whole wide world, your family. After all the distance, i could only wait for that one phone call, wishing me Happy Birthday.

It was 12 a.m, egypt time, and that was when i got the most wishes, i was actually sleeping, cause i was expecting my mom or my sis to call me when it was 12 malaysia time, but that, didn't happen. So i was grumpy, i went to bed early.Then I wake up to a birthday call, and to my suprise, my housemates were preparing for a little party. There were our pictures all over the walls, and balloons, printed balloons saying happy birthday.

every year pon kna blindfold

thanx girls :')

They even made my name spelled on the wall. It was a very pretty sight, and there was this gorgeous cake, sitting on the dining table.

too pretty right?ella made this, and i get to keep the barbie :)

we made the best bbq ever

We had our picture taken, have cake, and then have barbeques together. It was fun! and then i got my call, it was about 2 a.m. We finished late. I remember smilling, trying very hard to get back to sleep afterwards, and i know for sure i'm getting a big panda eyes tomorrow.

The morning came, and it went really wrong at first, my face got all red after washing. I might have over-exfoliated my skin the night before, that it burned upon contact with anything i put on. It was awful, and i got a lunch afterwards. Thank god, it subsides after few hours, or else it would have ruined my pictures, and lesson learnt, never! to exfoliate a day before an important day. I had lots and lots of good food, that day, until i was so full i had to go home.

It was fun.

lots and lots of good food

and that was most of it. I'm sorry this is such a long post. I had to describe everything, so i could relive the memory afterwards. Thank you for reading :)

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Of The coffee bean and tea leaf :)

Hi there!

I've been away for a while, thought of a post yesterday, but my internet died on me, i know, i have the worsstt timing. I really wanna write on my birthday, but i don't have the pictures, ella does, and she's probably asleep right now, so i'm just gonna write about today.

We went out to settle my internet, and on the way we stopped by The coffee bean & tea leaf. Actually, they're not even on the way, we just thought we should try the new place.

It was this beautiful place by the mediterranian sea. The food was ok, i love their red velvet cake, one bite, and i'm hooked, ella seems to love them too, and she is not easy to please, so it should be really good. The frosting was so gooodd :)


They also have this ice blended that was good, but it was too finely blended,but i like my mocha crunchy, so i would prefer costa. Don't like their chai tea. Overall, i think the food is ok, and the place is cute cause u can watch sunset while having ur meal, but i won't suggest going on weekends as its gonna be a bit busy.


Sunday, May 1, 2011