Sunday, February 28, 2010


Hari ni boring kan?

I've been stuffing myself in my bedroom.. Watching movies, and korean dramas, crying and laughing my heart out, in the comfort of my own bed, eating megi kari, which is tasteless, with that chopstick that i got for free, which i'm not good at, without lights on.. Mm, banyaknye adjectives.. Tu pon tak dapat nak picture kebosanan hari ni..

Esok, have to be better.. Bangon awal, mandi awal, keluar for some fresh air, jalan-jalan, is good for survival lessons.. Breakfast, McMuffins would be great.. Listening to music.. Funny, kan bile pegi Mcd untuk dengar lagu.. Sebab lagu kat Mcd isn't in my playlist.. Its good to listen to something else..

Ok, change of plan.. Jaja ajak pegi jogging dulu esok, baru pegi makan.. haih, ari-ari plan nak jogging.. Tapi tak gerak jugak

Saturday, February 27, 2010


Why is it so hard for me, to know what i want..

I'll end up losing them..

not happy anymore.. i'll be holding on to my phone, in case..

Friday, February 26, 2010

A day on Dreamland

Yesterday, we went on a trip, to Dreamland.. Thank you, for letting us to tag along.. That Dreamland holds a bounch of memories, of my first year cairo trip, not long ago.. Somehow, i wanted to redo it again, it was fun back then, but i wanted to do it differently..

It was there that i got my teddy-ixus, and its also, where syamim lost his canon-ixus.. I guess that explains the teddy's name.. I was so messy on the head these few days, so i wish, i could clear it up, and sort things out.. somewhere fun, colourful, and dreamy.. Eventhough i wasn't in the best condition for outdoors activity, i dragged jaja along.. Thanx jaja, for keeping me company..

So, it begins with a 3 hours coaster ride.. I'm proud to say "saya tak tido the whole way up to dreamland" .. It was smooth, no wonder orang laen tido.. haha..Ok, thats not even funny.. Tapi the whole way, pak cik driver play this annoying songs.. huhu.. It was a pain in the ear-drum, but i enjoyed the scenery.. Egypt is not that bad anyway..

Guess what, our first ride was, this thing, that i didn't went on last year.. It was so scary.. I won't do it again.. Jaja was thinking right, for not taking this one..

see, how high up we went!

Extreme ride, with an empty stomach, ends me up excruciatingly dizzy, and nauseated.. I thought i was ok, then a took another spinny ride, and that was all.. I puked.. Then, Halim handed some anti-motion sickness pills, and i was better.. Thank you..

As a part of recovery, i didn't went on this one.. I took some pictures for them.. See!

Cip pon tak naek yang ni, sebab kami pening, we just sat by their bags, watching they went up..

It was fun, eventhough kami tak try out everything.. It feels good to just be there.. Some place i would want to be on my birtday.. but, there was no swing, maybe there was, but i haven't seen one.. I love swings..

Pastu, naek horse.. If i was to choose the best ride on the trip, it was this one.. Tapi takut, sebab sangat tinggi and rase tak stable, macam bole jatuh bile-bile mase, but having a view on top of the horse, of friends, there for you, kinda swipes the fear away..It was cool, and sakit jugak, kan jaja?huhu

Me, on a horse ride..gamba tak clear sebab amik screen shot.. Thanks for the video, and few photos..

Jaja, getting friendly with the dream horse

Lepas tu naek train comel, pusing-pusing..

Tu last kot, lepas tu tros keluar cari kfc.. Da kenyang, acara tido gaya bebas dalam coaster.. 3 jam lagi sampai rumah..

Entry ni macam banyak gamba, tapi bosan kan, ntah la..tapi saye gembira..

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Someone is getting older today

Ok,,today is supposed to be yesterday.. Sebab, sekarang dah pkul 1 @ 2.. Semalam besday aniza.. We were all happy to be there for her to celebrate her "i'm getting old" makan-makan.. So, lets take a look at some pictures..

Semua gamba adalah gelap, sebab flash phone-cam tak dapat combat kekurangan lampu diruang makan zanilli's.. Tapi gamba udang tetap cun..

birthday girl is holding her birthday card

cun, kan?

Happy Birthday ANIZA,

I'm praying for all the good things for you..
Semoga panjang umor dan murah rezeki..
May Allah bless you..

Alexandria lawa kan?haha..

The day after yesterday.. Kami pegi makan sedap lagi..

Tilik menu adalah sangat seronok, sampai rase macam nak order semua kan, ok, itu dulu.. Sekarang saya percaya kata hati ;)

Trying out

FRIED RIC E WITH SHRIMP AND SALAD :: tak sedap!!!titik.

BEEF SPRING ROLLS :: sedap, sebab tu tak sempat tangkap gamba, da tinggal dua je lagi

tak ingat nama, tapi sedap jugak

Akhir kata,

Semoga dijauhkan daripada jangkitan parasit yang tidak diingini..


Sunday, February 21, 2010

Happy holiday

Something bad, and completely unexpected happens last time, which had been chasing me,out of shame, away from blogging for some time.. At least untill today.. It even brought me to think of deleting my blog and start over.. It is silly, and if you had noticed, please pretend like you have never seen them, because if you mentioned them, i would want to bury head-self into that fat comforter.. I might have google-picture-o-phobia for sometime..

Moving on,

Yeay!! exam da abes.. Tapi mane yang lagi susah, jawab exam ke tunggu result.. Mmm, depends la, kite tau ape yang kite jawab.. Doakan yang terbaik yek?

Put all those worries behind, and enjoy the rest of the holidays.. Which, i've been looking forward to since the start of the semester.. Haha.. and, don't ask me, saya pergi bercuti kemane, because i'm not going anywhere, not Spain, not UK, not Malaysia, not Jordan, and not even Luxor or Sinai..

So i'll be home, watching movies, cooking, pumping myself up with masakan jaja yang sedap, (mesti tambah dua kali), beribadat, dan mungkin juga mengemas(soo not me)..

Aktiviti post-examination

Hantar buku community medicine (commed) dan LENGKAPKAN


Aktiviti pre-examination

Bagi yang mengikuti, nephew is comel.. Tapi tak nak share gamba, sebab ade satu je.. MUHD WAAFIQ, along texted me this morning, and yeah, name yang kite suggest tak dipilih.. Takpe la, bole simpan untuk anak-anak sendiri nanti kan? Hehe, anak mesti nak letak plural..


I can't bring myself into sleep, now that we are free of exams.. Ironic, as it was to qada' sleep that i was anticipating the holidays.. Not that we are here, i can't even initiate a blink of sleep since the exam was over.. Kenape time exam susah sangat nak stay up? mengade je..

p/s:berjaya pakai baju kurung everyday time exam.. COOL

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Huhu,, dengar lagu "empty" tros pegi cari phone.. Sebab thats my ringtone, but it turns out lagu tu was in my ear through my earphone, gile pathetic!

Ok, saye tahu,,sangat annoying bile update every minute.. Sorry, i was too.. I don't know..

Ok bole sambung wat keje masing-masing..

Sunday, February 14, 2010

13 February 2010

Hello readers,

If you had noticed, i've deleted the last post.. Which i think is a bit too personal. I hope you won't judge me.. Really do, even if its in our flesh and blood to automatically judge people, i hope not..

I've promised a malay post, but i'll skip..

I'll do on another one right after i'm finished with this

Ok, lets proceed with a total awesomeness..

(Sila baca dengan nada teruja)

Along just gave birth to a cute baby boy!

That makes me an aunt, and, adik pon da jadi makcik.. Dad,a granpa, and mom, a granma.. Don't ask me if i'm ready, i'm just about turning 20 this year.. but I'm so thrilled to have a baby boy in the family.. Can't wait to see him, which, i haven't, so i can't really tell if he is cute, but, he is a baby, and babies are cute!

I wonder, does he have our big rounded eyes?(along and i, are in the same league, although her eyes are bigger). Along's fair skin, or abang long's darker complexion? I hope he grows up as tall as abang long. That will make him tall, dark, and handsome.. Which is perfect! Atleast in my eye.. He should have a thick eyebrows like me, thick eyebrows suit men better kan? I wish abah did pass him that too..

I haven't think of a name yet.. Atleast i should suggest one, right? Do suggest a name, kindly leave a comment ok, readers?

tak, along tak de dalam ni

Welcoming new member!


Thank you for listening, lets dedicate a doa for him, so that he will grow up a great man with handsome looks, an obedient son and muslim, in the best of health,,and also, a good nephew to his aunts..


Monday, February 8, 2010

The only thing i love about selsema, is that die buat hidung saye nampak mancung, (at least a bit) and u have to agree..

lalala,,tak de keje..
perlu study,,
lepas ni nak amik kawan jaja kat train station..


Saturday, February 6, 2010

Adik is comforting, kinda funny when its usually my role, to comfort her..

Sedih kan bile kite belajar far away, from our parent.

Sedih kan bile kite tak bole jawab exam.

Sedih kan bile kite dapat phone calls from parent occasionally, asking pasal exam, kite just bole cakap kite tak dapat jawab exam.

I wish i did better, or maybe best.. That way i won't feel so bad..

I misses home.. I'm sure all of us did..

I talked to my dad, I said i did badly in the exam, and he was like, "its ok,,do better next time and do push yourself too hard, get a good night sleep, take care of your health".. 10 years ago, i'd probably get scolded for bad marks.. I remember getting no 3 in class, and i was even called to sit and talk by my parent.. No, he doesn't use rotan, he talks, nasihat and everything.. It does work on us..

But i guess now, i'm on my own, i'm a grown up. No one is going to tell me to study when i should, i'll just have to do what i have to do,, for my life...

So now i should go, buka buku and study patho..

Yes hidayah, you should!

Mm,, on second thought, maybe i'll take a little nap first.. I'm still kinda dizzy from the anatomy..

So, this is where i stop.. Anat sangat susah sebab saya malas.. Lupe kan anat untuk patho,(for now) sebab patho lagi hensem.. Ok Gud nite..

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


2 days to the next paper.. Well, if i can still count in today.. Its still early in the morning lg kn kat egypt..

I'm down with a nasty common cold..huhu..

Aaa--choo! ,,,aim,,,throw.. "ups,,missed"..

It is annoying,, i keeps on sneezing, at irregular intervals,,huhu.. i hope i'll never be out off tissue..huhu..

That will keep me home, can't go to the library and annoys the public with my sneezing sounds.. I think its because i went out yesterday that end me up in this common cold..It was so cold yesterday.. Not a very suitable time to go out and around with you new cardigan, which is thin.. Should put on something heavier, or else u'll end up just like me..

My adik just joined facebook, even uncles and aunts are socializing on facebook, needless to say cousins.. I typically will have to tapis everything i wrote.. Just to be safe, families,, i mean mine, are more likely to take everything seriously.. Yeah,, i think i should start doing that..

Athough i wasn't very active on facebook.. Mmm, not so into it,, well, maybe just not yet.. I'm more into blogging..

So that it, gonna wish you readers praying for my good health..hehe.. After all, its the most important time of the year..