Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Baby serai n the gang

Yay, i've started keeping plant nowadays. I've always wanted a pet, but i figured a cat was too much of a resposiblity, i don't wanna end up killing them. So, i took up some serai halia lengkuas kunyit n chilies from back home to plant them here. The search for soil to grow them on was a long story, lets just say they weren't easy to come by.

After all, there they are underground, can't wait for them to grow up, up up!

and yeah, i should be studying now. U can't imagine how unprepared i am,bye!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Still here ;

Hi there!

Good to see u again, i know i've been off for quite a while. I'm currently fighting the 2nd biggest battle of my life at the moment. It wasn't easy, had been going on for awhile. I'm no longer the person i was, life was bitter, so i don't feel like blogging, hence, the lack of updates.

I'm just back in Egypt, currently on study leave, which i haven't start yet. I know, shame on me :p . Got jet-lag, can't seems to have a good night sleep yet, which explains this post. Which is rather pointless, just letting u know, i miss it here.