Thursday, December 31, 2009

Selamat 2010

This is the day, of those, which you’ll try to recall, and then cakap “ee,,x maturednye dlu2” n “selekeh je dlu” n “bodo2 je time tu” and macam2 lagi tapi ade jugak kadang-kadang cakap “bestnye dlu x de jerawat” or ”kecik2 dlu senang gile nk dpt no 1” or “time tu byk gle dapat duit raye”... I said those..All of those.. Kekadang i prefer living in the past.. Kids x payah pikir banyak pon.. Masaalah paling besa pon pasal camne nk seludup megi dalam rumah untuk makan time parent kuar pegi keje.. Lagi satu camne nak dapatkan tandatangan buku record, sebab bile x dapat no satu ma and abah mesti tolak-tolak buku record, x nk sain...sume nak cakap abah sign kalo anak abah dapat no satu je, suro ma awk sign..pegi kat mak, die pon cakap mende same.. penat gile kot nak dapat..time pagi nak g skola dalam kete baru ade org nk sign..huhu.. Sekarang da x de buku record kot.. Result pon msg ke kat parent.. Bole je kot kalo nak tipu,,tapi x pena la tipu..kalo dpt terok tu liat la nk msg kan..

tetibe ade gmba ni kt fs my kazen,,mane la die dpt,,time skola..form 4 kot

Pape pon, life goes on.. The number keeps adding up,,and i’ll be in my twenties next year (esok), to be precise on the 20th May, hidayah will turn 20.. Oh no, tua da,,sedey jugak..huhu

Leaving 2009, and still keeping, as a memory..For each and every fall, i’ll always rise.. Lets all start over.. I want to be a better person... The best i’ll ever be.. Ok, da lame x wat azam tahun baru.. Jom la wat tahun ni.. Tapi x nak la cite,,segan la,,hehe..

By the way, nk wish congrats kat adik nurul.. I’m proud of u..bole la mintak hadiah yg perpatutan,,,hehe..Selamat Tingkatan 4..Its a whole new world you know.. Pandai2 la membawa diri.. I’m praying for the best..

Adik, she’s my younger sister..

Selamat 2010

May Allah bless all ofus..

What do i have by 20? Mmmmm~

Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Spatutnye tga wt anat n pharma yg tetibe kena tnjuk kt cikgu esok, tapi saye pegi blogwalking lak..

Tapi exam para da setel, rse sangat release..mcam nk tido lelame gile..
tapi kena wt assgmnt lak..huhu..

kenape nuffnang saye asik tido?huuhu..sangat tamak duit sekarang..

ok,,sangat buang mase kalo awk bace entry ni..memang x mmbantu jawab exam para..

*bg yg belom exam, good luck !

sangat dingiin kan kite? bile awk nk tego saye? atau saye patut tego awk?..ok,,sangat x faham kan..


Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Fell in love with a gorgeous handy-bag,,when i'm supposed to tackle a good shoes

Once said,

"A girl should wear great shoes, so it can bring her to great places"

ok, i got them from boys over flower, the chinese version actually, i can't recall the tittle..huhu

I need a great shoes

Susahnye nk cari good shoes, i can find good heels, but a heels can never be as good as a sport shoes..

Forget sport shoes, i am no sports women..

I need something to wear with kurungs, which won't do my kaen any harm.. A strap can be so dangerous.. Something thick, but not too tall and never too thin, to avoid compressing my foot on those nasty stones.. Something nice and comfy... I should keep looking..

Aritu, i got myself a nice pair of heels and a t-shirt instead, and i regretted not buying the'll definately buy one if they still have it..

k,,have practical exam tomorrow..its parasitology...could use some luck..


Sunday, December 20, 2009

Common,,is common...


Got down by common cold (i think it is), whateever, i'm not a doctor yet pon.. I don't mind fever, or cold, because i rarely have them..
Last year cam x demam pon..
Just not during the exams, huhu.. Now, i can't really focus.. Everytime feels like bedtime, huhu.. Its just a common cold je pon.. Tapi sbb x slalu kne, da kna msti la nk memnjekn diri kan.. Tapi x bole la let go exam kn.. Haih, sedey..huhu..

So lets hit the books people!

Esok exam pkul brape ek?

semoga kite sume dapat jawab exam dengan baek..amin


by the way, arini the whole faculty got showered by ashes.. The pieces u get, when u burn papers.. I wonder, did someone go crazy, bakar buku medic on top of the buildings, and spread the ashes, harap2 die x lompat..


Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Bege break

Reporting from Mcdonalds,,

My presentation earlier was as gloomy as the weather.. i'm currently waiting for my dentist, who's not coming, not until january..My braces is already hurting me..huhu..I liked the old dentist better, he's always there when i need him..huhu,,trmntik plak..

That all,,,

i dont wanna spill coke on my lappy

m,,i wonder, what's with the weather..plikla


Monday, December 7, 2009

Smile people ; )

Tak tau nk cakap ape, tp still nk update..

Emm, arini sejuk, tapi smalam lg sjuk kot..Tapi salji ttp x mao turon,,huhu..Jelesnye ngn org laen..Arini kne finish up few things before bedtime.. First Day of lecture, mmg promising,,hehe..kne bgn awl esk,,to fullfill the promise..

Da siap microb pnye draft,,yeay! esok jmpe cg jom?

k,,tq for your time..sile smbg blaja..babai..

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Friday, December 4, 2009

Off the train

A story,

Of a silly girl, trying to find her way home, forced to jump off a moving train by a 2 seconds thought, long enough to kill yourself..

I'm never jumping off anything, not anywhere, and not anymore.. Despite my habit(jumping off a tall structure, would give a great sensation, maybe due to tenaga keupayaan yg tggi) I don't need a habit that kills directly on the spot anyway.

Thanks a bunch, for the kind Egyptian security guard, who tried to help. He even offered me money for taxi, and i was bad enough to think of him as trying to ask me for my money.. Baaaddd me..

To sum up, the trip was great, nothing compared to an overseas vacation, but still, worthwhile..

Meeting friends are great.
I got the fake smiley daisy that wont die, super cute..Da tak jeles ngan ella pnye bend-able rose da..

Word of wisdom : save your contacts in both your sim and phone, u'll never know when u'll be needing them..

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Selamat hari raye korban

Yeah, kinda out dated,. But, i'm still doing it (a raya post)

My 1st raya was boring, followed by the 2nd, and 3rd, and also 4th.


First raye,

Sume bangun lambat, tak de semangat langsung nk bangun cecepat gile, mandi sampai kecut jari2, and pakai baju baru.

That's raya at home. We all akan bsiap ccepat, utk pegi solat raye kt masjid.. Pas smayng raye, pg ziarh kubor arwah atok.. Kat sane akan jmpe ngn cousins, pakcik, makcik sume.. Pastu ktorg konvoi pegi umah atok rrmai, tgk org korban ke,,makan rendang ke..Best!

Tapi pagi tu ella da siap masak nasi lemak da, thank god someone's there to play "mom". Cause cooking is what my mom would always do, at least on weekend's and special occasions,,hehe.. Tapi tak sempat nk makan pon, sbb ktorg da mcm lmbt gle utk pg smbutan raye kt mecca hotel..

Tapi sempat gak call rumah, thanx to ella (the sponsor). I was suprised to find my family home, answering the home call.. Turns out we all are having a stay home raya..haha.. If only i'm home..haih~

Sambutan raye cm ok la, dpt mkn kuih2, kek, karipap, pas2 tgk persembahan sume, putting on fake smiles for gmba raye.
Do u ever felt this way? when u r smiling, but actually, on the inside, ur heart are not at all smiling.
Its not that i'm depressed or whatever, its the braces. When i'm actually smilling, i seems stressed or even tense.. I've noticed this from my photos.. So i tried to mimic my smile to look as if i'm smiling, but it didn't felt like i'm actually smiling.

Haih, i don't feel very good about this. Plastic.

The winning performance


Around pkul 2 kot, mende tu abes.. Then, we took a taxi home,, and the rest of raya was filled with sleep and watching movies alternatively...

You can guess what happens next days of raya, its the boring cycle.. Going on and on..