Friday, August 19, 2011

Hi people?

I hope its not too late to say Happy Ramadhan, I'm still here, egypt. Done with the finals(hope so) but still here for the elective courses, bummer! Will finish it by 23rd insyaallah, and fly home on 25th.

I really can't wait to at least finish the elective, waking up at 8 straight to shivering cold shower, is really too much, even in summer. Yeah, cause i got this "holiday, i'm-supposed-to-be-at-home" attitude going on.

So, i haven't blog for a while that it got awkward. I got few drafts saved but i'm hesitating whether to post it or not. Figured, i should go casual first, so here i am, casual.

Today is friday, i'm thinking sedentry life, or maybe some laundry later. Fasting in summer wasn't as bad as i imagined would be. It was ok, that 16h? was bearable. Just currently losing appetite, and some weight, but that's ok. I'll gain those fats back during raya. Cause of the time difference, u guys in Malaysia get to breakfast earlier, and i find it annoying to be on twitter during malaysian breakfast time, when they uploaded their chicken curry, sate, and stuffs, we can make chicken curry too! just, different colour..............and, taste, but its still good!

anyway, selamat berbuka~its almost time in Malaysia, i'm getting off of internet. later peeps