Saturday, June 15, 2013

Random small packages

U know those days when u woke up feeling sad?

Well, this is one of those days. I dont know what i'm doing up this late and not studying. I'm missing that sandwich i had for breakfast/lunch/dinner. Can't believe i've never gave it a chance before. It was suprisingly good. Maybe cause it is turkish.

I really love the 2lira chicken doner i had, back when i visit turkey in 2nd year, or is it 3rd year?. Don't know if i was just hungry, or it was really that good. Either way, i miss it. and that yummy waffle i had in Princess? Island.

Don't u just love, that very little thing can make u happy. Like when u just watched a very good movie, or had a very good meal, or when u got something u really wanted., or, just whatever, that makes u happy. I don't think online shopping gives u the same high tho. Just concluded my last purchase on

Don't know how many hours i spent there ogling at pretty dresses, and pretty models. Its made in china, but it looks pretty, and i have a birthday present coupon, meaning i can choose which ever (one) for my birthday from adik, so i figured why not. Tho that doesn't explain the other 3 dresses i bought.


its pretty.

Its really pretty!

So my current little thing is this very small musical candle that i got on my birthday. It sings happy birthday in english! It has a little on and off switch so u can conserve battery. I listen to it from time to time. Like a musical box. It was really cheap, 5le a piece. Plus u get another 3 cute candles in assorted colours. I absolutely love it! and no i didn't buy it myself, it was a gift.

I spent a lot of time trying to get that photo up, so i'm gonna go catch up on some sleep now. Nite.