Friday, February 26, 2010

A day on Dreamland

Yesterday, we went on a trip, to Dreamland.. Thank you, for letting us to tag along.. That Dreamland holds a bounch of memories, of my first year cairo trip, not long ago.. Somehow, i wanted to redo it again, it was fun back then, but i wanted to do it differently..

It was there that i got my teddy-ixus, and its also, where syamim lost his canon-ixus.. I guess that explains the teddy's name.. I was so messy on the head these few days, so i wish, i could clear it up, and sort things out.. somewhere fun, colourful, and dreamy.. Eventhough i wasn't in the best condition for outdoors activity, i dragged jaja along.. Thanx jaja, for keeping me company..

So, it begins with a 3 hours coaster ride.. I'm proud to say "saya tak tido the whole way up to dreamland" .. It was smooth, no wonder orang laen tido.. haha..Ok, thats not even funny.. Tapi the whole way, pak cik driver play this annoying songs.. huhu.. It was a pain in the ear-drum, but i enjoyed the scenery.. Egypt is not that bad anyway..

Guess what, our first ride was, this thing, that i didn't went on last year.. It was so scary.. I won't do it again.. Jaja was thinking right, for not taking this one..

see, how high up we went!

Extreme ride, with an empty stomach, ends me up excruciatingly dizzy, and nauseated.. I thought i was ok, then a took another spinny ride, and that was all.. I puked.. Then, Halim handed some anti-motion sickness pills, and i was better.. Thank you..

As a part of recovery, i didn't went on this one.. I took some pictures for them.. See!

Cip pon tak naek yang ni, sebab kami pening, we just sat by their bags, watching they went up..

It was fun, eventhough kami tak try out everything.. It feels good to just be there.. Some place i would want to be on my birtday.. but, there was no swing, maybe there was, but i haven't seen one.. I love swings..

Pastu, naek horse.. If i was to choose the best ride on the trip, it was this one.. Tapi takut, sebab sangat tinggi and rase tak stable, macam bole jatuh bile-bile mase, but having a view on top of the horse, of friends, there for you, kinda swipes the fear away..It was cool, and sakit jugak, kan jaja?huhu

Me, on a horse ride..gamba tak clear sebab amik screen shot.. Thanks for the video, and few photos..

Jaja, getting friendly with the dream horse

Lepas tu naek train comel, pusing-pusing..

Tu last kot, lepas tu tros keluar cari kfc.. Da kenyang, acara tido gaya bebas dalam coaster.. 3 jam lagi sampai rumah..

Entry ni macam banyak gamba, tapi bosan kan, ntah la..tapi saye gembira..


jaja =] said...

dayah,,it is gorgeous to be there wit u,,plus those guys yg cool,,
wut a dreamy place that bring us high up to the awan biru,
esp the most 'scary' ride one,,
i wish i cud replay how u all punye expression muke as i'm looking up from the EARTH..
that's very2 nice..muehehe..

Anonymous said...

: )...comeL sweater..kecik..

iddy said...

jaja: huhu,,burok! mke takut-macam-nak-mati ak burok gle...huhu

anonymous: got your point, picture removed..