Sunday, May 30, 2010


Hello readers

Its quite a long time since i last wrote..I’ve been too busy facing reality, which has been very nasty on me this month..I thought May was the best time of the year, because, well, i was born on May,and birthday girl is meant for great things to happen to.. This month is crazy, but after all the cloud, i can finally see the silver lining.. I’m not going to go into every details of the cloud, all these while i’ve been whining about almost everything, in every mood swings, sending negative vibes to the readers.. So, i guess this is good news, right?

Everything gets better on my birthday, it was 20th may , and i have a presentation and 2 ICDL exams, repeat IT and windows..A resit, on my birthday, i thought life is really having fun making a mockery out of me, but then i guess it’s a good thing, since i won’t let myself to fail again and ruin my day.

yeay! passed

Everything went smoothly, birthday was on, and i got a surprise party. I was totally surprised, well played guys! You even played with my emotions, to think that i spend the evening crying for something you guys made up, i guess i was easy.. Thank you guys! it was fun, i’ll never forget my 20th birthday.. Thank god, we don’t do birthday beatings as in blanket party.. I’m never tough enough for that..


the masterminds

he is also one of them

A traditional dinner with friends and birthday cakes is awesome, i even got a bouquet of flowers to go with that.. On top of that, i got cute cards, thoughtful presents, free seafood, and also a birthday poem.. What else do i have to complain?,,hmm except for the “you cry, i’ll cry along” part, don’t you think that’s a bit too much ella?thanks again for all the wishes, and presents, i’ll definitely treasure them..

the end, HAPPY!

Now, May is coming to end, after all i will still miss u and will always look foward to meeting u again, but next time, i’m a big girl, and soon , this girl will stop crying over small matters. I’ll be stronger inside out..

Hello June!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Please don't die

Its a loooonng day..Hp is dying.. Even a CPR practitioner won't help.. I'm sad.. Totally..