Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I'm flying home

Tomorrow. Its gonna be a looooonng ride. 7 hour transit at kuwait and another 7 hour at KLIA. I hope i won't look so worn off by time i reach home. Its the important 1st impression.

Please, neither puffy eyes nor eye bags tomorrow, pleeeaase.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Laundry day!

Yeay! Done with the finals. I hope i’m also done with third year. I can’t wait to go clinical next year. Lets pray hard for each and every one of us, ok?
Then i guess it time to change these.

And start putting on a summer attitude.

I should take out my baggage, and start packing so i won’t miss a thing. As for today, i’m just going to sit home and do laundry,,laundry,,and laundry, then reorganize.

I’m also thinking of getting new reading materials, since i’ve pretty much finished watching all the movies, anime, dramas, and cartoons i have in possession during the exams. So, i’d be delighted if you readers can suggest something worth reading. I’m not much of a bookworm, so suggestions would make selection easier.

I just can't wait to come home*dreamy eyes*

Friday, July 23, 2010


Hello people!

It seems i just finished my second last paper for the semester. So far, sanity is preserved. Thank god! A lot happened since the last time i wrote, and i guess, i’m in the mood of sharing. I’ll be home in few days, can’t wait! But i’m nervous as well. It had been a year as i count. I wonder if everything is still the way they used to be. My dad, who haven’t been mad at me for a year, my mom, who haven’t been digging up about my love life for,,, no, wait, she does that all the time. My adik, who’s always being a cry baby. My along, who’s married. My fish pet, who’s alive when i left, and, so much more to name.

So these few days left is all about getting ready. I’m doing some shopping for birthdays which i’ve missed, shape up a little, and learning to groom myself. Almost done with the belated birthdays, i’m now focussing on well beings. I’ve been mistreating myself lately, with all those sleepless night and daydreaming with all the wrong settings. My biological clock is turned upside down. Eye-bags just won’t come off. Beauty sleep deprived skin. So i’m putting a stop to these, the recovery plan start tomorrow after 12.

Lets live life a better way!

Sunday, July 4, 2010


It’s another mood swing, bear with me people. For no reasons i’m so mad at everything, so sad at nothing. Maybe because of i did histo badly, maybe i haven’t cried enough on my last breakups, maybe because Paraguay lost to Spain(but hey, i’m cheering for Spain) or maybe, i’m just hungry. I’m confused, my heart is speaking out loudly, but my mind tells me otherwise. I know very well where this is bringing me, but my brain won’t let me go. I shouldn’t, he’s a quicksand, i’ll fall deep if i step in. O my God, please give me peace.

I should get busy, dress up, or,, get a new crush? an impossible new crush, go crazy shopping, draining my accounts,, spoil my taste buds with good food, but that will make me fat, and single, but studying is not even an option here,, DON’T U EVEN THINK OF SUGGESTING..maybe i should go starve, fasting for a change.. I won’t listen to songs, they are all just bitter, all the ones that go famous are telling sad tales..ok, that’s just my playlist..My eyes won’t sleep, but if i did, can i have beautiful dream? It’s ok to dream of fairytales kan?

After all, thanks Ella,,Jaja,, for walking me through these days,

Crazy football days,

We are cheering for Spain, really..

That's what i wrote, before i realise i lost my Parasitology text book. I think it says Nur Hidayah Rushadi somewhere, so if you happened to found it, let me know k..May have slipped it at Mcd..I've got final tomorrow, now that's a concreate reason to cry for..

Friday, July 2, 2010

2nd July

Its July now, and its also a friday. There is no library on friday, so i can't seems to set my mind on histo. Keeps going in and out of twitter. Bored, really.

Heart, u really needs u shut up now. I'm letting mind takes the upper hand.
Now go and digest histo!