Friday, February 3, 2012

Travel essentials

Hi there!

Today, we(me and ella) were thinking which shoes would take us to great places this semester break, but we end up "spring cleaning" our mini-shoe-closet. I figured, i have lots of heels, which i don't wear at all nowadays, sigh.

I keep wearing the same old shoe, sigh, i'm boring.

Still, a girl can never have too many shoes. I still can't resist the temptations of a pretty pair when shopping.

They are not at all comfy, my feet would hurt after few hours, but we still need them to look pretty, to boost confidence, to drool on, to glide on, and of course, to sleep better at night.

I'm hoping winter would pass quickly to start rotating them again, so they won't bug me during afterlife. I would totally wear them tomorrow if my elective class wasn't on the tenth floor(i'm assuming, since it takes forever to climb) with no lift(another assumption, since i always take the stairs). Bottom line, i still haven't figured which shoe to bring along.

But, i'm totally bringing this..

I think it would be great for travelling since, it is sooo cute and all. I got this on sale too!

Cheap, i know.

Jaja would love this too, since she's the one who suggested travel pillow.

Did u see how i can just put it around the luggage handle? That, is so convenient. I can't stop talking about how great this would be, but still can't make ella buy one. She is soo gonna regret it.

The only downside, is that it allows spot cleaning only.

I really can't wait :)