Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Selamat hari raye korban

Yeah, kinda out dated,. But, i'm still doing it (a raya post)

My 1st raya was boring, followed by the 2nd, and 3rd, and also 4th.


First raye,

Sume bangun lambat, tak de semangat langsung nk bangun cecepat gile, mandi sampai kecut jari2, and pakai baju baru.

That's raya at home. We all akan bsiap ccepat, utk pegi solat raye kt masjid.. Pas smayng raye, pg ziarh kubor arwah atok.. Kat sane akan jmpe ngn cousins, pakcik, makcik sume.. Pastu ktorg konvoi pegi umah atok rrmai, tgk org korban ke,,makan rendang ke..Best!

Tapi pagi tu ella da siap masak nasi lemak da, thank god someone's there to play "mom". Cause cooking is what my mom would always do, at least on weekend's and special occasions,,hehe.. Tapi tak sempat nk makan pon, sbb ktorg da mcm lmbt gle utk pg smbutan raye kt mecca hotel..

Tapi sempat gak call rumah, thanx to ella (the sponsor). I was suprised to find my family home, answering the home call.. Turns out we all are having a stay home raya..haha.. If only i'm home..haih~

Sambutan raye cm ok la, dpt mkn kuih2, kek, karipap, pas2 tgk persembahan sume, putting on fake smiles for gmba raye.
Do u ever felt this way? when u r smiling, but actually, on the inside, ur heart are not at all smiling.
Its not that i'm depressed or whatever, its the braces. When i'm actually smilling, i seems stressed or even tense.. I've noticed this from my photos.. So i tried to mimic my smile to look as if i'm smiling, but it didn't felt like i'm actually smiling.

Haih, i don't feel very good about this. Plastic.

The winning performance


Around pkul 2 kot, mende tu abes.. Then, we took a taxi home,, and the rest of raya was filled with sleep and watching movies alternatively...

You can guess what happens next days of raya, its the boring cycle.. Going on and on..

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