Sunday, November 1, 2009

Seasonal variety

Hi there

Its freezing here in egypt today. Winter is approaching, a fact that i tried to deny.
Depending on the shivers, its obvius, its winter, and there's nowhere else to hide now.
So prepare your triple blankets, thick wolly comforter, and your cute socks to hibernate in this winter.

Winter is the toughest period of my stay here,
Cause, its on winter that i gain 9.75 kilos on my first year, which i'll regret my whole life.
Also, i tend to get lazier than i used to be,huhu..I'll be studying a lot less, to spare times on, eating 3 times more, and sleeping 5 times more. You do the math, clearly i wont study much. Plus the tendency to miss classes because of overslept is ranging high.


I'm staying in a new house now, 3 of us, trying to make a home.

Kinda Interesting, i cook for 2 or three days a week. Looks tiring, but i'm starting to like it. Kadang-kadang kami makan lauk yang same je for few days. Purposely nk suro sume orang pndai masak lauk tu. Tapi macam x bosan pon, sebab laen org laen care masak die. Kalo ella masak sume sdap,tapi x pena same rase die, jaja masak mild je rse die, just nice, kalo hidayah msk masin kot,,hehe..

The best part is, i got my own room..Hehe, da ade tmpat nk menyemak tnpe saket kn pndangn org laen.. Tapi slalu pon semak je,,huhu..
Pastu ade tenet free, tp kat bilik ella je..

The worst part is, lipas banyak..huhu..n x de landline. So x de tenet yang seronok.

Arap2 i'll fit in. Lets hope for the best..peace~


ImbaToma said...

Lipas2 akan muncul bila winter menjelma...
Same here la...
Annoying piece of crap la dorg2 tu... ;)

iddy said...

Haha,,lipas is everywhere..
tp skrg mcm da x de sgt..
compared to mmula dlu,,lipas sgt x malu jln2 dlm rmh..