Sunday, December 20, 2009

Common,,is common...


Got down by common cold (i think it is), whateever, i'm not a doctor yet pon.. I don't mind fever, or cold, because i rarely have them..
Last year cam x demam pon..
Just not during the exams, huhu.. Now, i can't really focus.. Everytime feels like bedtime, huhu.. Its just a common cold je pon.. Tapi sbb x slalu kne, da kna msti la nk memnjekn diri kan.. Tapi x bole la let go exam kn.. Haih, sedey..huhu..

So lets hit the books people!

Esok exam pkul brape ek?

semoga kite sume dapat jawab exam dengan baek..amin


by the way, arini the whole faculty got showered by ashes.. The pieces u get, when u burn papers.. I wonder, did someone go crazy, bakar buku medic on top of the buildings, and spread the ashes, harap2 die x lompat..


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