Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Fell in love with a gorgeous handy-bag,,when i'm supposed to tackle a good shoes

Once said,

"A girl should wear great shoes, so it can bring her to great places"

ok, i got them from boys over flower, the chinese version actually, i can't recall the tittle..huhu

I need a great shoes

Susahnye nk cari good shoes, i can find good heels, but a heels can never be as good as a sport shoes..

Forget sport shoes, i am no sports women..

I need something to wear with kurungs, which won't do my kaen any harm.. A strap can be so dangerous.. Something thick, but not too tall and never too thin, to avoid compressing my foot on those nasty stones.. Something nice and comfy... I should keep looking..

Aritu, i got myself a nice pair of heels and a t-shirt instead, and i regretted not buying the handy-bag..sexy..i'll definately buy one if they still have it..

k,,have practical exam tomorrow..its parasitology...could use some luck..


1 comment:

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