Friday, December 4, 2009

Off the train

A story,

Of a silly girl, trying to find her way home, forced to jump off a moving train by a 2 seconds thought, long enough to kill yourself..

I'm never jumping off anything, not anywhere, and not anymore.. Despite my habit(jumping off a tall structure, would give a great sensation, maybe due to tenaga keupayaan yg tggi) I don't need a habit that kills directly on the spot anyway.

Thanks a bunch, for the kind Egyptian security guard, who tried to help. He even offered me money for taxi, and i was bad enough to think of him as trying to ask me for my money.. Baaaddd me..

To sum up, the trip was great, nothing compared to an overseas vacation, but still, worthwhile..

Meeting friends are great.
I got the fake smiley daisy that wont die, super cute..Da tak jeles ngan ella pnye bend-able rose da..

Word of wisdom : save your contacts in both your sim and phone, u'll never know when u'll be needing them..

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