Saturday, November 13, 2010

Happy Sunday

Hello people!

Happy SUNday, and Happy Holiday, seems like we have soo many things to be HAPPY for. Its good to finally have some "me" time after all the busy hours of boring lectures. Everything seems to be moving so slow, i haven't done much since holiday starts. I don't even have much of a plan going either. So this is the part where i got jealous with those going on vacation overseas. Must've been fun!

Since i wasn't going home to Malaysia, all i do is just sleep and sleep and sleep somemore, to the extend of dreaming about all the weird, nasty, doesn't makes sense kinda way. So i'm trying to avoid sleeping for now. Yesterday i went jogging with ella, not that we're trying to lose weight, are you kidding me? just trying to get healthy, but that only accounts for 10% of our day, which we end up spending by sleeping most of the day off, so much about getting healthy,huh? Today, my legs are sore from yesterday's jog. I'm pretty much shuffling today, cool huh?

I might as well try baking today, Raya is almost here. It'll be fun if we could cook decent enough to eat our hearts out this raya, so, yeah, i'm practicing. So, have a fun holiday people!

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eLLa said...

aah..gud luck..n hepi holidayyyyy!!!