Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Aawww, look at that

I think, he have our eyes la..don't u think so? that's my Along btw. I'm missing this boy here, i wonder if he'd grown taller. Rase macam nak balik rumah peluk die ni, comellnyeeee!

Adik cite, kalo die nanges baru bangun tido ke ape, kalo orang cakap nak amik gamba die, mesti die kurang kan nangis sikit. Haha, comella waafiq ni.

Pastukan, die da pandai babai orang, and salam. Pandainyee!

and yeah, i da abes cite kat ella n jaja, so now i'm spreading the news kat sini plak, so nice of me eh?

Talking to adik sets me smilling all day, she must have so much of posive energy, that she can spread around. I know, i have such a nice, and kedekot adik. and why is she kedekot? because she never really spends, even when buying that stuff yang we both are very hyped about pon die nak mintak duit dengan our mum. I do that too, but when it comes down to stuffs and stuffs that my mum won't be very happy to sponsor, i'll put out my money.She's all about money makes money, u know those stuffs, yang u put away your money somewhere, and then u get dividen after few years. I know, she is sometimes a 50 years old, trapped in 16 years old body, and the other times, she's like, 8? Eh, tercite pasal adik lak. I guess, i miss her too.

Anyway, happy wednesday! I'm having a day off today, unintentionally.

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