Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Awww, he is soo cute

Hello people,

Hee, today i'm going to share about the many faces of waafiq that i had came to learn during the 2 months of weekends of babysitting him, which i am missing now. He is my first nephew, and he totally brings out the good "mak cik" in me. With him around, sulking, bad mood or anger is totally out of the picture. Now i know how a baby completes a marriage.

He is very active, you couldn't take your eyes off him for a second, or else he might somewhere, grabbing things to chew on.

This is when he is chewing on the teether, which would take his mind off other things for awhile, till he gets bored and starts playing fetch with the teether.

Now, this is when he is up to grabbing things

This on the other hand, is the "i'm all so tired, if MUM and DAD pats me and sing a bedtime song, i'll totally sleep and be good" look. Cause its quite impossible for someone else to be able to pat him sleep.

See, he has a pair of those watery eyes. *immediately melts*

This is, "i'm so happy i'm with my mum" looks

And of course, this is, "let me go, i'm with the boring aunty" look. *failed, totally*

I saved the best for last, hee.. This, is on my last day at home before flying egypt, just after he fell asleep on my arms effortlessly. Didn't even sang him to sleep, you hate my voice eh waafiq? Selalu siap tepuk-tepuk and sing pon die tak kan tido.

Awww, ain't that just sweet, i'm totally looking fowards to meet him next year

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entri baru ehh..hehe