Saturday, November 27, 2010

The way i see things

Take 5,

I think, making beds are a complete waste of time

I think, i want to have a pet kitty when i settle down, a fluffy black one like elvis

I think sparkly white teeth are sexy

I think, tall, dark and handsome are the way to go

I think, hyperactive babies are born genius

I think, i'm almost invisible

I think, buying skincare sets my mind at ease, given the situation

I think, tom felton are cunningly handsome

I think left handed people are interesting, cause i am

I think love may be blind, but it doesn't have to be stupid as well

I think people never change, we just get adapted to them

I think my writings got bigger and tidier when i use a pencil to write

I think shoes and bags and jackets and pilot shaker are assets

I think i look fat in black

I think my wants are needs, cause i go crazy when i can't have them

I think HIMYM episodes are hilarious

I think fun peoples are soo cool!

I think, every girls love flowers

I think, costa makes the best coffee

I think i'd better stop, heee..

What do u think? :p


eLLa said...

I think left handed people are special , cause u're

I think love is not blind , but it didn't choose

ok sudoh larh tue..malas doh..

iddy said...