Thursday, June 16, 2011

This summer

Hi people!

Summer in here,

Its getting hot, and sweaty. In paediatrics round, we have our clinical rounds in the morning at syatby hospital, which is about 2 kilometres away from my house, i really don't know how many is actually 2 km, but it looks that far for me. Sometimes i walk myself home, but most of the time i took a cab. Either way, it is still hot and sweaty.

With a lot of sun, comes the tan and wrinkles. I tried to get away from that, by walking home wearing a cap, u know, my germany world cup cap, but it was white. I don't wanna stain it. I love that cap! it holds memory of our crazy football days ;) plus people are giving weird looks, u know, tudungs doesn't get along really well with caps. So i got myself an umbrella instead, but it still doesn't work out, cause you see, my house is near the beach, so the wind is giving my umbrella a lot of resistance, so i can't use it either.

There's no way u can survive summer without at least deodorant, i mean, if u planned to survive while smelling pleasant. I really wish that there is actually a rule to take an effective shower before going to see your doctor, i mean, we have rules to brush our teeth before going to a dentist right? so we should have one for going to hospitals too. Kesian la at the doctors and students and interns.

Today is soo hot, i caught myself giving murderous look at my hair. Talking about hair, i bought myself a new shampoo, i think this one is gooood, and cheap as well. Costs 3 times less than my old one. I guess "New, is aaalways better" :)

and Yesterday, i went to orchid, but they were closed :( so i had lunch at coffee bean instead. I hope they're not closed forever, that's like my favourite ever restaurant, here. Orchid is super sedap, well, not everything, but if you order the right thing, it is! I already hafal their names, sedih la if closed :(

This summer is making me fat, i think i'm gaining fats on my cheeks, but my weight doesn't change. I think its the muscle weight more that fat thingy. Think i'm losing muscle and gaining fat. Is there even such a thing? Cause lately, i'm always hungry and feeding myself.

Hmm, its been quite sometime, my hardees should be here, later peeps :)


Anonymous said...

orchid moved to montazah now

emPatbelaSh said...

ammu tu cakap orchid mmg da xde kt bangunan biru tu lagi.
die da pindah kt mumtazah.
cube try tgk kt sane.;)

iddy said...

jauhnye,,ssh la nk pegi pasni