Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Paediatrics babies

Hi peeps!

So, i'm already 2 days into paediatrics rotation now. It was ok, i kinda like the paediatrics ward. They seems personalize it to fit with the patients. There were mickey mouse, donald duck, tweety, and many other cartoon characters on the walls, some drawings are educating the children to brush their teeth, to wash their hands and stuff, i think they're cute, and the tweety even helped me find my way to the ward this morning.

I couldn't recall, which floor was my class, but luckily enough, i remembered how tweety was on the wall of a floor below my class's floor. So i didn't get lost today. I had always been directionally challenged, even in my 2nd year, i still find myself a little lost on my way to the morgue, which i regularly went to, for 2 years already at the time. I'm clumsy like that.

In paediatrics, our patients are kids, and being kids, they cries a lot, sometimes they got cranky, which makes examinations and inspection a lot harder than they already are, but i think sweets will win them. Even the professors seems a lot nicer here. Dealing with kids does makes u a better person, or is it the other way around? It is sad though to see the kids, down with diseases, when they should be out playing and giving their mommies a hard time cleaning up the mess. Lets wish them well, shall we?

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