Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Post-exam wishlist *kinda

Hello people!

I was just done with Ortopeadic OSCE exam this morning. Yesterday it was an MCQs and presentations, and in 2 days, i'll be having Obstetrics and gynecology OSCE's exam. Pray for me yah?

I really can't wait to get back to my lazy-no-exam-self. A lot of stuffs are building in my after-exam-to-do list. I've got movies to catch, grocery shopping to do, great foods that i miss, and i even had a dream of buying a cake this evening, why didn't i eat it in my dream when i got the chance? Why did i even buy it if i wasn't gonna eat it? I really don't understand myself. Sometimes, i wanted something so bad, i'd go all out to get it, but when i have it. It didn't look as tempting anymore. I think its all about the chase, i love the challenge of getting stuff, not actually the stuff itsef. Its really tiring and pointless even, so I have to tell myself at all times to behave. All this cravings should stop,but they never really did stop. I just can't listen to myself.

So, I've been reserving all these movies for after the exam, ok, i wasn't really reserving, i got people to download it for me, but they won't pass it over yet, at least not untill the exam is over. See, i got people watching over for me, or else, i'll just watch it regardless of the exam.

rodrick is too handsome, i really don't mind him wearing eyeliner

i wanna watch insidous too, but i don't wanna post a scary poster on my blogpost. Have u watched them? I hope they are worth dowloading,hee, u should go watch them too.

Ok, back to books! :P

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