Saturday, October 9, 2010

Kuih raya is awesome!

Do you know,

The best way to enjoy kuih raya?
It is one of my many interests to bring out the best in my kuih raya, and now, i'm sharing them with you, one of my very few readers.

First, choose your favourite kuih raya. Buy a plane ticket to egypt, and board the plane together with a tupperware of mentioned kuih raya. Stay for a week, then stay another week, and another, and another.
Just when u think you can't take it anymore, stay for another week. When you are desperate enough for even a smell of Malaysia, then u are ready. Open the tupperware and take a sniff. Take out a piece and adore the texture for about 3 minutes. Open wide, and munch oon.

There you go. The best kuih raya ever.

Sure does taste better here.

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