Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I'm sory, my badd

I feel bad.. About yesterday.. If you know what i mean.. Sports was never my kind of thing.. Lets hear a story.. Remember BTN? We have this physical test, where you get points for timing and everything.. Then you sum it all up, and there is this formula, which puts you into categories of stamina and expected age, according to the points.. They figured i was 50+ years old.. I'm that bad..

So you don't want me in.. All those crap about marathon lepak-lepak is nothing, believe me, i know better.. I've been in MRSM, one second she's are promising to walk together through UKJK next second, she is running on the 4th round and saying hello to my 2nd round drunken gait.. It would be a bother to wait for me to finish.. I'm a super turtle, no, not turtle ape tu, kura-kura in english?

So why not tennis? Its too heavy, and i sucks anyway..

So the point is, i'm sorry..

Maybe i'll stand by and take pictures? you like pictures don't you? or maybe i'll just stay home.. sleeping..

This morning is all awkward.,haih.. You spend years building a trust, then one day you just happens to be in a bad mood, and thats it, you blew it all off..

Mm,, its all gloomy.. Mom is haven't smsed me yet today.. Adik just called, she's just never been out of credits.. I'm worried, is high school ok for her.. Sad, not having a big sister by hand-reach to consult.. Have to make an international call for opinions.. If only i can teach her chemistry through the fon, she'll score better than D.. Its ok sis, transition is hard to catch up with..

I'm in a major self-destruction right now, i can't stop eating.. No matter how much i fought it, i'll end up stuffing myself with the not so delicious food.. If it is heavenly tasty i wouldn't be so mad at myself.. If i got fat or chubby, i'll end up very late in class, as i'll be changing outfits 2-3 times while asking "nampak gemok x?" over and over again.. Which is extremely annoying..

currently craving for birthday cakes, ouh, birthday, come quick, i'm almost crazy from anticipating and preparing, and its not even mine..

Ok, have to stop now. Kena pegi masak, its a wednesday everyone!


-hazen said...

tapi kamu masih hebat dalam lain-lain hal.

memasak contohnya, ramai saja yang sucks hal-hal memasak.

jgn bersedih tentang itu okey.

iddy said...

tp saye x de pandai masak pon,,huhu

Berd said...

panas btol gua.
manjang ada hazen je kt sini.
mmg xde tmpat laen ke dia nk lepak.

sory gua xleh nk komen ape sbb english gua grade D time kecik-kecik dulu.