Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Happy birthday!

Hari ini 4 Mac 2010, is a day that jaja turns 21.. Clap-clap! Hoho, dewasa sudah.. Since, jaja reads this blog, lets dedicate a birthday post..

Mula-mula kena nyanyi,

Happy birthday to you, 2x
Happy birthday dear jaja,
Happy birthday to youuuu!

Yeay, Clap2x

We hope you are happy, at times like this, with our not-so-surprise celebration.. We tried our best to make it perfect, despite that home is miles away.. I know that it never will be perfect, but great is enough.. Jangan sedih-sedih ok? Walaupon da maken tua.. haha..

So semalam was a very long day for me, in a good way.. Costa coffee, makani-sushi, hardees, hardees(again), tarboush, costa cofee(again).. Banyak gile kot makan, huhu.. Bila nak kurus ni?

Kesimpulannye, hari ini adalah hari jaja.. Think of birthday as a happy occasion, not only that we celebrate getting older, its a beginning for a new start.. So fill them with all the things you love or look foward for, be it, hopping and sliding on a bouncing castle, get tied at 2nd place at friendly bowling, share tarboush with your besties,play-pool-my-way for 3LE, or as lame as eating birthday cakes and singing "happy birthday"at a coffee shop..

Then, think of goals you'll be fighting for the 21st Year of living..

Good luck!


::disislysergdiethel:: said...

jaja!happy birthday.^_^

SADIS said...

happay birthday jaja!

haha, macam kenal.

jaja,,=] said...

luv u much much much more,,xoxo =]

iddy said...

ena:yup,hepi besday jaja

sads: haha,,macam kawan die jek

jaja: yup,,i know..haha