Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Things are getting back in its place, but it sure left tracks somewhere, never the same, and the rest is history.


Esok ade majlis sambutan hari raye kt opis my parent..
U know, foods and all..
I hope they do have ketupat, and of course, lemang, I'm definately going.
Haih, i regretted not buying the pink kebaya, i should have, since most of my favourite kurungs are currently in egypt.


Its 16 days to departure, i'm starting to feel the rush.. Banyaknye brg nk kena bli,,huhu..I don't wanna end up making my parent post things, like i do in the first year..

I'm listing down the "things to buy" and the list keeps growing up..I don't want to miss a thing, its frustrating,, since i wont be home, till i can afford the ticket..

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