Saturday, September 26, 2009

Man, most likely

Speaking generally, man, as humans are quite predictable. Expressions shows what's inside, even if we are faking our smiles, it shows.

Even so, its easier to lie to please others.

+You'll pretend to like things even if u dont.

+Buy something u dont need

+Laugh even when its not funny

+Agree with something legally wrong

All to please others, whom we care about, cause a Words of a somebody will hurt more than it does by a nobody..

And we all do have our temper, when people lost it, they'll say awfull things, but they are all the truth, which we all had been hiding all these times.

Bottom line, trust people when they r losing it..coz thats who they really is..

All the painful words, ihateu..


eLLa said...

daa taw daa..

iddy said...

yup,,haha..silly me..keeps getting on the same spot..utk sebab yg same,,haih... ble la nk sedar..