Monday, February 18, 2013

Facial masks

So, today is mask day, after days of procrastination. The idea of clay mask freaks me out sometimes. It is supposed to pull out all the gunk stuffing your pores to surface. This would sometimes, or most of the time for me, lead to break outs. Which is why i never follow through with it.

Once i have the guts to try it, my skin breaks out --> i freaks out --> never used it again. Until i gathered the courage to try again, and the cycle goes on, and on.

Theoretically it would clean up our pores, and if used regularly will prevent breakouts. So, the bad part is just the first time. On regular use our skin will be free of whiteheads or blackheads, no breakouts, life is beautiful, and we live happily ever after.
This, is of course, theoretically.

I've tried a few, origins clear improvement mask breaks me out big time, i tried very hard to like it, but, no, it just wouldn't work for me, so  i have to hide it somewhere so i would never try it again. Very nice smell though.Tried to give it away, but no, my sisters wouldn't even use facial cleansers on regular basis.

Tried clean and clear, breaks me out too, but not as bad as origins' did. Tried kose, but i think its a different kind of mask.

Recently i tried Himalaya HERBALS, not really a clay mask, but its for the same purpose i guess, deep cleansing? . I think i like it. I'm using it regularly few weeks now. Very cheap too! Smells awful though, but no, cheapskates doesn't get to be choosy. I might post a review soon. I was googling for pictures just now, turns out there's a lot of other choices, but i don't think we have it all here in egypt.

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