Friday, December 10, 2010

I've been wanting to blog about last Monday since like forever! but then i got internet deprived. Patot la these last few days, tenet slow gle macam turtle, tapi turtle lambat-lambat pon sampai gak, ni tunggu pon tak abes loading gak. Rupanya tenet nak expired. Saba je la.

This is what i noticed la, kalau guna Etisalat unlimited yang 10G tu, 2 days before expired tenet da stat lambat da. So, to make most of your broadband, or what they call it here "USB"? gunalah 10G tu sampai abes sebelum 2-3 days dia expire.

Enough about that, So, last Monday was our OSCE, i did,,,m..badly?

OSCE exam, they made me wait 4 hours kot, :(

So, as usual whenever an exam lets me down, or i, let myself down, by doing my exams badly, i always try to turn my mood around by punishing meself by doing things i hate most, which is spending my own money. For every exams that i came home mumbling in regrets, i always end up poorer.

Baaaadddd girl! i know :P

but the funny thing is, it actually makes me feel better, like killing two birds with one stone.

Thank god i have the best for friends, they'll always walk me through the hard day.

Thanks, it was fun!

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