Monday, April 5, 2010

Nak buat tag

I'm doing this tag, from Haha, sebab,,,sebab,,sebab..... sebab nak buat la!

156cm x 42kg numerically
yellow or should i say brown in colour?
wide eyes, thick eyebrows,

Family/Home Life:
2nd daughter of 3 sisters

I'm the queen of embarrassing moments..
I ask for extra cup of ice with my drinks, always!
I love to chew bits of ice and make crunchy noise, to tell you the truth, sometimes i buy drinks just for the ice,and yeah, its a bad habit..
I try to withdraw seringgit 2 posen, when my balance is only seringgit seposen (my balance are in RM, when i'm supposed to withdraw LE, how would i know? and what's wrong with try and error?
I make displays at shops fall down the ground right after touching or passing by them, then i made my date collect them and put them back, or maybe the salesperson(sorry)
I copied pictures from the net without considering copyright, and i ended up being announced a theft through my own blog
I speaks loud Malays
I told my friend this cute guy in Malay, when he is just right next to us without knowing his nationality first
I have weird gestures when panicked
I love to ask the waiter to descibe their food before ordering and sometimes ask for recommendations

Ok, this is going on and on,,better stop now.. Some things i did, i didn't think they are embarrassing, but others did, and its sad that they, being among the closest, who is supposed to love me despite the ugly side of me, do think that i, am embarrassing.. If i'm that embarrasing why did u asked me out in the first place?

Am healthy..
but i do have doubts for vagus nerve paralysis, but i'm too scared to point it out, time tengah belajar pasal ni dulu..

Been to

I don't know, should have specified

Relationships :
Been in three
First was a big fat liar, he is not even handsome to juggle two girls at one time, or maybe more? I would never know. Silly. I've never really liked him
Second was quite a catch, he was one of the nicest boys i've ever know.. He liked me eversince form 2 kot, or is it form 1.. Very persistent, but i never took him as a lover, eventhough we tried, i didn't think it worked out for me.. I see he moved on now, good for him.. She's lucky, he wont hurt a fly..
Third was this guy that i like, but of course he likes me first.. He keeps on hurting me from time to time, but he always got another chance.. I guess its like the first time you gave your heart out, to someone who can actually hurt you, even with the smallest expression.. It got ugly if you gave it to an unworthy..

Tak faham, i'm a girl if thats the question

We don't admit our crimes. Don't we?

Drugs-when i have to, to maintain health of course. Never recreationally..

That all, nak tag Ella ngan Sadis(tak tau die buat tag ke tak) la..


Hakim 'Toma' Razak said...

I'm the number 2 guy. <3 :D

Hakim 'Toma' Razak said...
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iddy said...

no, you r not.. aritu da bedah kuarkan jntg katak time form4..haha

Hakim 'Toma' Razak said...

I thought it was me. T_T
Which number should i be put on then?

iddy said...

u r not my number 2,,but u may sumone else's
tapi number two didn't end up with that girl jugak..(i guess)

should be number 3, the theft who stole the heart despite being careless, he gets the girl anyway..(i guess)

Hakim 'Toma' Razak said...

I've been that 3rd kind of person, once, but never like it that way. Being in a relationship but one day, you realize you can't give your full commitments on it. It sucks to be honest.

I'm full of regret, being that kind of person, even for now, just don't feel right for neither me.

I'm definitely not tat 1st or 2nd type of person especially the persistent one. LOL.

iddy said...

o, ic.. we all have history, but it won't hurt to try kan?

i believe,commitment is easy if truly loved..

Hakim 'Toma' Razak said...

It won't hurt for us to try, at least but it will definitely hurt the other person if you failed to give that kind of commitment.

How do you expect to be committed to certain relationship when you don't even know the meaning of true love. At least for me, i don't even know what's that suppose to mean. :D

eLLa said...

ala KITE berdua suke memalukan diri kan..

iddy said...

hakim:yeah, i have to agree.. many can get hurt in the process

ella:haha! i guess that's why we make good friends