Sunday, October 18, 2009

Back into books

Its a new semester, of a new year.

Egypt is as cold as always, but no, i don't mean the weather. Cause its hot, and dusty. Looks like a yellow jerebu.

I'm back to classroom days. Its a bit crowded. They always are.
Subjects are ok, but i missed few classes, got a lot to catch up.

I got dental date tonight, will cost me hours to fix my detached brackets.
Who would have guessed how could i pull them off, 3 brackets in three months!
Now that i counted them, its actually 4.

My bad, i love chewing ice. The word chewing, makes it sound chewy. Not the word i should be using, i know, but that's how it looks like. Don't try, its highly addictive.


I'm kinda happy, these few days.
It was great,
I hope she likes me, blessings is good for us..

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